Amazon Is Taking Over The World (Or At Least, the US)

September 28, 2011

Bulk super-stores have been dominating the retail space for years, and the evolution just keeps on coming with Amazon’s dominance of the E-Reader marketplace. Today they announce the $79 Kindle (lighter, thinner, faster), the $100 Kindle Touch, the $150 Kindle Touch 3G, the $200 Kindle Fire (Wi-Fi only), which will play Amazon movies, read Amazon books, browse the Amazon website!

In a study by Forrester Research (, tablet users (including iPad, Xoom, etc.) are more likely to buy things as they browse the web on their devices than someone on the internet. Tablets act as impulse devices- want to watch a movie? Bam, you’re watching a movie. Buy a Blu Ray? One touch of a one click button and it’s shipped to your house in two days for free via Amazon Prime.

Amazon has already wiped out traditional B & M stores like Borders with their dominance of the e-reader-verse and their pricing advantages. Buying in bulk and being a billion dollar mega business allows you to take a hit on how much you profit from a singular item, and thus Amazon is hoping you will buy lots and lots of stuff from them through your new Kindle Fire. They are hoping you will purchase loads and loads of e-Books through your new Kindle E-reader, which might only cost you $79 dollars.

So here’s something to consider. As Amazon gets richer and richer, more and more people are being put out of jobs. We love the evolution of technology and we hail it progress, but is Amazon’s dominance a good thing?

I have a Kindle. I love my Kindle. So I can’t claim to be on one side. I could also claim to be a hypocrite, decrying the age we live in and living in it comfortably. But you can’t deny the power that Amazon wields, even if they are churning out great products at great prices.


There’s a Map Helmet for That

February 16, 2010

Pretty funny video in which a guy wears his homemade AT&T 3G coverage helmet into the Verizon Store, AT&T store and a shopping mall.